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Top 50 Reasons People Love the Idea of Naming a Celestial Star.

Name or Buy a Star for Someone? Here's Why...


Star Ranger:ive named 3 stars after fathers that have passed on. they loved watching the stars. now they are apart of them and this is my way of respecting them and their families.


Michael Greene:A lasting expression for those of us who need a reminder of how wonderful we are and how bright our future is.


Pattie Ravenheart:Naming a star is a special gift, acknowledging the uniqueness of that person whose name will touch a star!


Sonja Mosley:Naming a star after someone is one of the most genuine ways to express just how special and unique someone is and how deeply they have touched your heart.


Heather Bass:In 2007 my husband gave me the gift of a star for Christmas and the year we got married. In 2022 we are giving one to our daughter in the same constellation for Christmas and her Senior graduation.


GG:Its provides the giver with the memory of the person when they look to and the recipients a legacy


Stephanie Snarski:My grandson loves the stars as much as I do. This way he'll always remember how much I love him, that I'm always with him and that I'll be with him always all he has to do is look up at the stars!


Traci:This star will be named after my first grandson. It will be the perfect start to his learning. Plus it's just cool!


Cathy:When there is the loss of a child, it helps to know you can look up at their star and find comfort to know that star belongs to your treasured one, your child.


Andrew:I love that im being aloud to name a star after the person i love because for as long as we keep track of history some how she wont be forgotten and she loves stars so it makes her happy and means soo much to her


Madelayne Quevedo :I love naming a star because Long after I am gone my family and friends will remember me by just looking up at the sky.

Madelayne Quevedo:I love naming a star because long after i am gone my family can look up into the sky and have a little piece of me forever.


Batman:I find that naming a star after someones loved one that has passed away is the highest honor you can give that persons family.


Kaylie:My boyfriend is an airplane mechanic and he absolutely loves space! he looks up space news every day and loves going star gazing! he is always telling me which star is which and i would love to surprise him with his own on christmas day.


Mario Sanchez :Because when the woman I love isn't near me all I have to do is look up and smile ... and there she is!


David:My Mom's pet cat whom she was so fond of died recently. She's 89 years old and lives alone and feels so lost without Crystal. So I'm hoping this helps with her memory of the cat and lifting her spirits.


Alyson Straley:My 10 year old grand daughter is infatuated with space. I think it's a wonderful way for her to keep her interest up, knowing there is a star named after her.


Kelly collins :My very dear uncle past away and worked for NASA and before he died he was a professor of the sky!! This is for him.


Chris :My wife is amazed with stars. Every time we star gaze she can almost immediately find the big dipper. So, i'd love to name something in ursa minor after her, my little spoon.


Ron:Because this is the perfect gift to remember my father for my mother on her first anniversary after losing my father on November 6th 2020. Thank you


Ali:I have always been very into numerology and astrology and I figured for my girlfriend I would name a star after her


Luka - CBSanipals:Our friend Lily passed away and her mom wishes on #LilysStar every night - this gets the dedication to her faster Thank you!

Omar :My friend has been wanting a star named after her forever, and her 20th birthday is coming up. What better of an opportunity than that?


chelsea:i love naming a star because it allows someone to feel extremely special and have something that not a lot of ppl can say they have.


STaylor:My sister didn't give her daughter my mothers middle name, and she was devastated. With Naming A Star I can keep the tradition going in a new way. Thank you.


Linda Lofaro :I'm giving this to the fdny and NYPD for the memorial service its such a great a product thank you for making it


Linda Lofaro :This is such a special gift for my dear friends its the first yr since the loss of there loved one

Linda Lofaro :Because it's such a great product and it's a way of giving families closure and brings them closer to there loved one that has passed or it a great gift to celebrate a special occasion or day


Linda Lofaro :I just love this company and what they do . They help people to create new memories and connect with the loss of a loved one its such a blessing to be able to connect with people and to be able to help get them through there loss . Or create happy memories by giving them such a precious gift


Athena:I love it because its an easy way to provide someone you care about with a close personal gift of a lifetime


Shanon:I find this absolutely heart warming and so comforting. It can ease a mind that's lost a loved one just by going outside or looking out the window, when u pray u pray above and that's right where they will be shining down on you.


Elisa:I love naming a star because that gives me an opportunity to leave something behind even in the universe


Bethany :I just think it is a very neat idea. Because it is something that will be there forever. Also be a constant reminder of something beautiful.


Stacey:It is for my Granddaughter and I could not think of anything better than having a star named after her beat way to say How much I LOVE HER.


Jimmy Richards:I can give a SUPER gift that will last for forever! Looking up to the Stars, I will always remember them.


Sonja B:My friend loves astrology and the idea that it maps our energies and livelihoods. I wanted to make a star after her because shes been a bright light in my life. Shes patient and kind and the epitome of what a star is.


donald:i want to get this because me and my girlfriend love looking at the stars and i think she would absolutly love this


JIMMY:Naming a star after Daniel Jr. will hold his name in the heavens for all Eternity for GOD to look at and smile in remembrance of a bright Human STAR.


Alexis:My husband had a star named after me and our oldest son 13 years ago. We waned to have a star named after our youngest too.


Ken:A family member named a star in honor of our Daughter who passed away last year. We're doing this one for our son who's still here with us so they can have stars in heaven together.

Chris koplin:I love it because my girl always looks at the stars and she will fall more in love with when she gets this for her nday


Chris koplim:Its just so romantic. My girlfriend is always gazing at the stars and its the best gift ever she's gonna cry

Michelle:Because it is a gift for my son, who is obsessed with all things astronomy related! I bought one years ago for my husband and my sons keeps talking about it!


Lindsay :I love naming a star after a loved one who has passes because it reminds me that they are always shining down on us.

Aaron Aguiar:Ive always been a fan aerospace engineering and just space in general. Now that Christmas is coming up I just felt as if it would be a cute idea to buy her a star and name it after her


Cinthia Lindsay:Frank Sousa loves looking at the universe through his telescope. I want to give him a another special reason to do it.


Tree:My daughter needs some light in her life and I think with The shining Star it'll make her happy when she looks up to the heavens


Johnny chavez:I love naming a star because it is a gift that is literally out of this world and shines brighter than any diamond you can give


Michael :I think its an amazing idea and a great gift. It's a unique way of showing appreciation for someone.

Janey:The Heavens is the great creation by our God, therefore to name a star for the greatest Creation the individual person, is heavenly!